Expand Yourself Your Money

Expand Yourself Your Money

Expand is the magic word here.

You have the unique opportunity to participate in this course.

In this course you will learn

to understand money and how abundance can flow. You have to expand yourself, so there is more space for the things you desire. You will learn how to energetically make some space for all the good stuff you wish for. I'm not a magician, but it's definitely pure magic if something happens to you you didn't expect. The universe waits for you to start, so take action. NOW!

Why you should join this course?

You will see how easy it is to start to expand and receive. In this group you will find support and people who are going through the same as you. So, there are peeps who understand your struggle. Even if the course is over, the group will not be closed. The course itself is a full hours of joy and power. If the course takes longer than an hour, because of the question, The course will be extended by an half an hour. After all, we are flexible😉

Who should you take this course?

First, you wanna change your beliefs around money and abundance. You're stuck and you don't know how to proceed. Your faith in you and your abilities have been lost or never even recognized. You are tired and you start thinking you will never get to your goal.

If you have started a own business or you plan to, than is it the right place for you. You've got many ideas but don't know to turn these ideas into money.

You are scared that everyone is judging you and talk shit about you. Darling they will! Sadly but true. Instead of letting the fear guide you, you should take it now into your own hands. Show the fear and everyone else that strong fucking strong person you are. Remember yourself and your strength!

When do we start?

We start on Tuesday May 28th 8pm (20:00 Uhr). It will be in the private Facebookgroup. More details in the group.

What if I can't make it?

No problem. I got you covered. You will get a mail with the Video and all details after it. So you don't loose your money.

We are so excited to see you there.

If you got any question write us a message.

Let's do this journey together, I see you next Tuesday. 🙌🏽

Sewrida 💕