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Why you are not there yet? At start you are so motivated and u think it is a great idea and you will change the world with it. You start the journey but you never will reach your destination? Maybe you are thinking "Maybe it is not good enough" or "Maybe I have to wait a few month and then start."It keeps happening over and over again that you start something but you never finish the job. Afterwards you feel aweful and start a self-pity party. Do you have enough from watching other how they rock and you are at the same place you were 5 years ago? If you're screaming YES right now u should read furder.

Then START NOW, step forward and show your talent to the world! Everyone has a purpose but so many of us creative people are scared to show it. Stop uses excuses like "I have no time to build a business with my purpose" or "First I need some money for building" boo hoo, stop to be your own blocker. Start to be YOUR OWN BOSS. 

Did you know that less than 6% can live from there art? And the average artist makes just between 10000 and 20000 Euro PER YEAR? Seriously isn't it sad to see this facts in numbers? 


Don't be a selfish MF and share your gift with everyone. You can make so many people happy. I MEAN IT, don't be SELFISH! If you are a CREATIVE BADASS and u wanna starting to live from it, write me a message, NOW! OR just press the blue Button below!

Why you should work with me

I'm a creative person also, i struggled long with my ideas and my "wishful thinking". Everytime i shared an idea with someone, friends and family, i got some backlash. Sometimes i felt i am the only one with a bigger thinking, BUT NO! There are some others out there. I will help u to find your tribe, to make money out of your gift and your purpose. Are u willing to show the world who u are and what you're capable of? We find a way for you to work in your art and build a frame u choose around it. We will find tools for you, how you can keep on track. How to live your authentic self with your authentic art in your authentic way. U will build a structure that FITS YOU not anyone else.

Who needs those sessions with me

All BADASS ARTISTS out there! Artists who wanna change how they feel about earning with their art. Powerful people who don't want to be mediocre no moe! People who wanna CHANGE. If u are knowing your purpose is determined to do something BIGGER!  Show the world WHO YOU ARE!

What clients say

"Sewrida Messerli inspires me through her courage and her staying with ideas and projects. it continues to evolve and is open to tackle difficulties directly and find creative solutions. With her support, you can quickly see which problem is slowing you the most when progressing and find strategies to solve the problem lovingly and courageously. She has the ability to recognize untold potential in a human being and to discover playful paths to development."

S.B. from Zürich

      "I know Sewrida as a very open and warm person, she has both empathy and the ideal level of perseverance to talk to her about things and to work out strategies, so from my point of view, I can warmly recommend coaching with her."

Tobi from Zürich


👉🏽 5 Session a FULL 60 minutes through Skype, WhatsApp, Messenger or Zoom, HOW GREAT, it doesn't matter where you live we can talk together from everywhere

👉🏽 After every session you get some homework, BECAUSE YOU HAVE TO DO SOMETHING! I wanna see ACTION!

No excuses!

👉🏽 You can take part of an awesome private community on facebook

In Which timeframe these sessions take place?

You can decide the timeframe. It doesn't have to be 5 weeks. Sometimes some steps take a little longer to digest.

What if you have to postpone the appointment?

No Problem, u can always make a new appointment. It is important that you sign out 24 hours in advance.

What if iam not sure yet to buy the package?

U have always a 30 Min call FOR FREE! Honestly I prefer this call, because so we can get to know each other first.

If that applies to you please write me a message here .

What should u do next?

Press the BLUE BUTTON! The PRICE ist mindboggeling!

Normally u would get 5 sessions for more than 1200.- SFr. BUT this offer is JUST 600.- SFr. WHAT?! INSANE! 

So....Don't be selfish an take this awesome offer. Share your gift with the world!


Are u a winner?

I love to here from you!

Your Nizzle Dizzle Sewrida 💕